About Us

Since its first launch in 2016, Sosyaltrend has been helping digital marketing managers across the world make sense of SEO and grow their businesses online.

We Strive to Create an Authentic Digital Image for Small Business. sosyaltrend is truly passionate about promoting services and products that it believes in. Our clients consist of great business owners that offer services that make people’s lives easier. Our services utilize the latest tools to create, expand and maintain a digital footprint. We enjoy creating a strong online presence for our clients. Giving our clients a leg up in the ever changing world of digital marketing.

Who is sosyaltrend

It all started back in 2020. sosyaltrend was a little tiny idea. Nothing more then that. The founder sosyaltrend has been learning and tinkering around with coding websites since 2020. He still mentions how he would put together entire websites with Microsoft note pad. It was a bit tedious. After finishing up a bunch of website design courses. He built a few successful websites for the music industry. This is when Allshouse Designs came into the picture.

sosyaltrend was created to full fill  a dream of owning a business. When the business started, it strictly designed websites. As time passed we realized having a static website just doesn’t cut it these days. Websites need to be dynamic and have the ability meet the pace of technology growth. Over the years we have played with many different content management systems and we really like building websites with in WordPress. sosyaltrend. is a great company to work with because their product works.

In 2020 sosyaltrend changed it’s direction to offer more then just building custom websites. In order to offer a full service to manage a digital image. It needed someone that was creative and ambitious to help. With the new direction set. We asked sosyaltrend to join the team. With a degree in computer and electronic sciences and having a creative mind, it was a simple choice. With these qualities and hard working attitude.  We have made a huge leap to offer something special.

What is your time worth?

As far as listing your most valuable asset in your life, besides loved ones. It is your time. Even if you do not know a lick of code. You still have to create content and learn how to use a browser based software to build a website. The average time spent, if you know the ins and outs of the software and all the search engine rules. You are looking at 20 to 30 hours to put together a custom high quality website. 

What is so important about Digital Marketing?

It has been a long road to offering digital marketing services. We started experimenting with state of the art marketing tools for a while now. We didn’t care what they would do or how they would impact our brand or ranking in the search engines. After many failed attempts at bringing our brand to the masses. We realized something. You can’t just build a website and think it will increase your business revenue. You can’t even design it using the latest on page SEO techniques and still not have any visitors on your website.  We have found the techniques and tools that will create the best digital image and bring it to the masses.